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Moisture meter H-DI 3.10K3B professional


 Moisture measurement construction
4 construction groups
 Timber groups on the basis of conversion table
Contact measurements
Temperature correction

Content case
Moisture meter and a double needle probe for construction

Need multiple moisture meters?

Do you want to apply for a larger quantity moisture meters? No problem. Just request an offerte online. We will send you a tailor made quote within one business day.



Do you have a match with our H-DI 3.3K moisture meters? But you want more options for measuring construction moisture? Then the BES Bollmann H-DI 3.10K 3B is a must. This device has a range of 4% to 100%, a temperature correction function, the FMPA approval and a double needle probe for construction. Overall a valuable and valued partner in every construction situation. Tough, smart, fast and secure.

The difference with the H-DI 3.10K 3? The basic functions of the moisture meters are equal, but this case has a double needle probe for measuring construction moisture. An additional double needle probe can be purchased separately for measuring timber.


Unique A strong double needle meter probe construction with FMPA approval
Material Impact resistant plastic housing
Ideal for Construction Moisture (and possibly timber moisture by means of a conversion table)
Format 140 x 80 x 40 mm
Weight 220 grams
Extra Supplied in a case with a double needle probe stem. The moisture meter is also suitable for the measurement of timber moisture. For this purpose, additional probes can be purchased.


Length electrodes 60 mm
Range wood moisture 4% – 100% (optional)
Wood accuracy 0,1% (optional)
Humidity range construction 0% – 100%
Temperature compensation 0 – 80 °C in five steps
Ambient temperature 0 – 40 °C


Temperature correction Yes
Data hold No
Battery 9-V-block battery/IEC 6F 22
Warranty 12 months
FMPA approval Yes
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